Check Ride Certification – Insurance Requirement

2300 | Friday, December 24th, 2021

All you want to do is drive your boat.

Is your insurance company requiring you to have a certified USCG train, evaluate, and sign off on your boating acumen before you can drive your boat alone?

Boaters new and experienced are facing this small and necessary obstacle that boat insurance companies have put in place to mitigate what could be a major liability for them.

Don’t worry though, we will help you!

New boat owners as well as experienced yachters with new policies are often requested to have a licensed USCG Captain sign off on the yacht owner’s familiarity with the vessel features, functionality, and operation before the new boat’s insurance policy takes effect. Additionally, we are here to provide you with a thorough evaluation of your boat’s operating capabilities as well as will provide any further training needed to satisfy your boat insurance policy requirements.

More importantly, for those who have just recently bought a new boat and are mandated to have a USCG Captain assist and be on board for their initial delivery voyage – from point of purchase to place of port, we will assist you!


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