Boating in Sharrow Waters – The Sharrow Propeller™

0800 | August 21st, 2019

I had the pleasure of doing a great many things thus far in the boating industry and one of the more impressionable memories was working as a Test Captain for along side from fabled Captain Steve Larivee!

Remembering as if it were yesterday, I had come into the office and been immediately informed of a new and exciting project – first of it’s kind – The Sharrow Propeller.  I would be taking the lead on the project which meant firstly gathering as much data as possible about the Sharrow Propeller and it’s founder Greg Sharrow.

After many phone calls and coordinating, we flew out to our testing site to rendezvous with the one and only Greg Sharrow and his team, soon thereafter commencing testing on beautiful Lake St. Claire, Michigan.

The first round of product testing was conducted over the course of an entire week and was extremely involved and intense to say the least. The end results were astounding and published in my first ever Captain’s Report – a technical writing on the Sharrow Propeller.

I would later on continue to be hand selected as one of five judges for the following 2020 IBEX Innovation Awards – an incredible honor alongside the likes of Zuzana Prochazka, Ben Stein, Brady Kay, and the renown ABYC lead and boating legend, Mr. Ed Sherman.

Fast forward to today – Sharrow Engineering LLC just got a new investor – Dolby Family Ventures.


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